Why does the app need internet connection for everything?


I was flying and had no internet connection during the short flight. But my seat neighbour and I where talking about these products. So I thought I show him the app a bit.
Expecting that the purchase function is not working and maybe even the catalog of what is available… But instead the app didn’t even showed my own SmartGarden (without any bluetooth function)… That is rather confusing.

Even more annoying that as a result of that i was logged out of the app and even when i had internet later on not even my credentials showed up.

I got back into my account, and I get that the app will provide me with a lot of up to date information and a bit of advertisement.
I also know that I had to create an account at the beginning. But having absolutely everything requiring an internet connection in that app looks very odd to me. At least some basic information should be locally stored.

CU AssetBurned :wink: