Air purification done by plants


What plants in Your selection if any could possibly work as an air purificator - cleaning the air from benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, toluene and so on?


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Thank for this great question!

At the moment we don’t have such plants in our selection, that are mainly known for air purifying properties. But, it is a great suggestion and we hope to launch such plants soon.

But, most plants in our selection also clean air (as green plant do!).

You can always test out Experimental Pods to start seeds or cuttings of whatever species you like.

Happy growing!

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Hey @Laast. Really a good question.

And to my surprise I don’t happen to agree with Mirjam.

Scientists have had great air purifying results with most mints, rosemary, lavender and basils.
Derived from that - most herbs and plants purify air. Some more, some less, but they all do.

The key is to have a LOT of plants in your room;)

Hi @priit

I know you always want to disagree with me in your heart :D, but note the little line in my text "mainly known for air purifying properties. "

Of course, plants are living organisms and we are very good at using the positive properties of growing them. Would we even breathe w/o them?

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