Maximum Herbs

Hello all, I am planting my first garden :seedling: and have selected these delectable treats based on my own taste buds and eating habits… #SoExcited.CantContainIt

Lavender x2 pods
Rosemary x2 pods
Arugula x2 pods
Basil x2 pods (not purchased yet, as I’m deciding which type of basil to buy)

What are the pros and cons of having one pod empty in my G9 during the growing cycle?

Is there anything I should be aware of as these plants :seedling: hit different life stages and grow up together?

Tell me about the perks of these plants!!

Any wild tips on how to get the most culinary enjoyment from these gems :gem:? I’ll be harvesting over Christmas :christmas_tree: which is a lil extra fun.


Always put all holes full! It just looks much better. I advise to have plants with similar ages growing in one garden. I have three gardens, so I can harvest while the other grows seedlings.

Excellent choice of plants btw!

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First tip- never leave an empty cavity. It does not look nice and there may occur problems with the wick later (the thing that waters the pods).

I always grow all sort of plants together in one garden. It is just important to make sure that every pod gets enough light. Some plants do germinate faster and grow bigger- just make sure they all get the light!

If herbs or greens grow too wide or tall- harvest!

It is easy, just follow the plant care tips on the web (under each plant pod) and it will be ok!

PS! Rosemary may need more time to germinate than other herbs, but it is totally worth it!