#GrowTogether initiative

#GrowTogether is our new initiative in where we are partnering with schools around the world, to bring freshly grown greens into classrooms of little ones you love! This topic is for the classes, teachers, and students involved to not only ask questions but to share results from classroom branded experiments they are working on. We hope you will be respectful of this space and those asking questions, thank you!


Hey all!

So we are collecting a list of plant experiments that one can easily do together with kids. Or in a classroom?

Has anyone done any cool experiments with plants? Or what kind of questions do your kids ask about plants?
Are you been able to answer them?

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I think plant coloring experiments are always fun and I’d love to try it out with my 5 year old niece. Do you think it would be doable with Click & Grow plants? Which plant would be the best? What should we use for coloring (food color)? Thanks!

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So you mean coloring the flowers and leaves?
If so, I would start with plants of pale color. Ex white flowers.

Food coloring possibly works well. But be sure to cut the plant - the color does not usually go through the root system.

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Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll give it a try and if something cool comes out, I’ll share images. :slight_smile:

I love these challenges! I will give now a gift myself to my kids kinder garden to let them test it! Thank you!!


We have been hard at work with our gardeners to make sure our Smart Gardens are for the whole family! We will be making a big announcement regarding this initiative on tomorrows Facebook LIVE. Make sure to tune in at 9:30 am EST. :four_leaf_clover:

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In case you missed the Facebook Live you can watch it again HERE

Experiment shown in the video

Can you distinguish plants by smell?

  • Time: 3 weeks to grow plants. 1 hour to experiment
  • Activities: Rub the leaves between your fingers and try to distinguish plants by their smells. For a more advanced test use a blindfold over your eyes.
  • Materials: basil, rosemary and peppermint pods. You are also welcome to try any other plant you have.
  • Questions: Can you describe the smell? Have you smelled this before? Can you remember the smell? How long does the smell stay on your fingers? Can you find other plants from nature that smell nice?