App Notifications not relevant to the model I use?


So looking at the notifications I got one for the wild strawberries, telling me that only one arm is needed.

Those kind of notifications should be a bit more targeted. The app already knows what garden I use (Smartgarden 9) and there are no extensions or additional arms that come with it. So why do I get this notification on iOS?

CU AssetBurned

Apologies to ressurect this thread. But I have the same ‘gripe’ with the notifications I recieve for my garden.

I also recently have a click & Grow 9 garden, but almost all my notifications are for a click & Grow garden 3. This makes the notification feature less ‘fun’ for me because most of them do not apply to my garden.

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Hi @Kristof, @AssetBurned thanks for the feedback, much appreciated!

There are actually extension arms available for the Smart Garden 9, just like for the Smart Garden 3.
We only added this suggestion to start with one lamp arm for both gardens, because many users raised the lamp too high, and emerging plants did not get enough light, and plants showed leggy growth due to that.

We will look into this content block in the app, and make changes where applicable. :raised_hands:

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Hi @Mirjam,

Thank you for the reply! I wasn’t aware of the possibility of extending the lights on the garden 9. Now the notifications makes more sense :slightly_smiling_face:

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Likewise here. I thought they are for replacing the ones that come with the garden.