Are pad pak pods baby bok choy?

Are the pad pak pods the same as baby bok choy?

I really love baby bok choy and want to confirm if I should plant pad pak pods or experimental pods with baby bok choy seeds.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Jasmin @LoveToGarden!

Yes, they are! Bok choy has multiple names: pak choy, pak choi or pok choi, but all of them are the same plants.
Iā€™d advise trying out the C&G pak choi pods, as these are the seeds that will work out the best in the devices. They should be ready to harvest in 35-40 days :wink: Of course, you can try to experiment with your own seeds and see how they grow. For a rosette-like placement of the leaves, you can try to thin out most of the seedlings, and leave 1-2 plants to grow. But if you want more leaves leave them as they are.

Have fun experimenting!