Bigger and better

Hi. I started my Holy Basil last July 8. It did well but I was really eager to start my mini tomatoes. The basil were starting to get a bit scruffy so on December 18, I combined them into a large pot and put them under a different light for about the same exposure per day. They’re very happy there. It’s a window-sill but it’s also Maine in winter so not much light and not much uncovering of windows so the cold doesn’t leak in. Anyway, I thought you’d like to see what happens when they grow up and leave home. :herb:

Be safe. And happy!

[NB. I put this in the wrong place and thought to delete it. But now it’s stuck in the gardening topic and I apologize for disrupting the system. ]


Hi @HappyME ,

I actually got inspired and created a DIY solutions talk category, so others would also get encouraged to share their own DIY solutions in this forum.

It is lovely to see that you care about your plant that much and have successfully transplanted it. :raised_hands: