Bugs in Smart Garden 3?

Hey! I’ve seen some people on reviews and forums say that they’ve had problems with bugs.
Is this something that I should be worried about? Is there a chance that there are bugs inside the SmartSoil pods?

I’d say it IS possible that insect eggs are inside the plantpod. But it should be a very rare problem.
The plant pods are stored and transported vacuum sealed. And they are not exposed to outdoor conditions during manufacturing either. So the only possibility is, that insects lay their eggs during the seeding process. But this is fast - like 15 seconds or so.

Then again there is nothing poisonous for the insect in the substrate. And a wet, warm and well-aired environment can be a lovely place for a insect to lay its eggs. So if there is an open window, an insect might be able to lay its eggs and then escape.

So it cannot be ruled out, but most of the times plants get infested after they have been started.

The soil is completely dry while you buy it.
I asked a friend (who works in plant protection) and she said that there is no way that anything (pest) would survive in that plant pod while it is produced-packed-shipped-stored on a shelf. Though, she confirmed that pests are experts in hiding and lay eggs or feast on plants in a way that we have no idea about it (after planting the plant pod of course)