How are you preparing for autumn and winter?

Hi all,

It would be interesting to know how are you preparing for the little bit colder months.
Whereas we’re all still enjoying the summer harvest, it’s time to think about the upcoming months.
I will make chili jam, probably a few jars. It is the king of every snack table and charcuterie board. I have so many chilies that need to be used up, so I can grow new ones! Also, the homemade jam is a great gift to give. I’ll be using a bunch of red hot chili peppers, chili peppers and yellow peppers. To balance the spiciness I add sweet paprika/sweet chili and sugar. Ps. Don’t forget to clean the chilies with gloves on. :fire:

Another topic is I need to set up an SG9 garden that was put away for the summer. I do occasionally use one of the gardens but the other one I’ll start the growing cycle again in September.

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