Leaving a few spots empty in C&G

Hi :wave: just wondering…
I heard it’s important to keep your C&G full with plant pods. Why is it important to do so? Would it make a difference if I leave a few empty if I’m not yet ready for new pods?
Thanks so much

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I like to know thta too

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Hi @Joe_2_10,

It’s best when all cups are filled with plant pods, but if you need to leave it empty for a short period of time it will be fine.
If you leave it empty for a long time the wick may get clogged, as it continues to function also without the plug and some of the salts in the water may saturate at the tip of the wick and clog it. There are always some salts, even in tap water. I had mine empty for 2 months (some of the plants next to it just needed more space) and later I learned that new pods needed more time to become completely moist, so I replaced those wicks.
Another thing I have noticed that if debris falls in the empty cup it is not fun to clean it. So, now I put a transparent dome on it until I wait for the new batch of pods to be shipped.

Thanks @mirjam for all the info

I’m waiting for a shipment so I hope the 1 cup just stays 1 week empty.

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No problem at all :slight_smile:
One week really is just fine.

Happy growing!