Pea Sprouts - turned yellow

Hi, our Pea Sprouts turned yellow after sprouting. Any reason why? Thanks!

Not a clear way to answer. But it seems very acute. Is the plug wet? Did the plant get exposed to extreme temperatures? Possibly disease.

Also it can sometimes be that the plant germinates, but then has a genetic error and wilts. I’m sure our support will get you a new refill.

Thanks. yes, all 3 pods germinated, grew a little and wilts soon after. Getting a new refill for a different type of plant, hopefully it will be better.

We live in the tropical climate so maybe that is an issue.

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can be. Trying again makes perfect! Let us know how it goes.

What is the average room temperature?

Dwarf pea is quite sensitive to high temps, unfortunately. Could you use AC in that room where your garden is?


I wonder too, if this could be temperature related?


According to our climate stress tests Dwarf Pea did not grow well at 30C (86F). So, as @ruizfang mentioned, it was grown in tropical climate. So, it is probably not feasible w/o AC.


Thanks Mirjam, yes, we don’t grow the plants in an aircon environment and with the lights on for 16 hours, I think it’s too hot for the peas…

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Yes! We are working on marking some of our plant as “heat tolerant” in our web shop. Thanks for your input.