Thyme yellowing after 3 weeks

Hi, I started my click & grow 3 or 4 weeks ago. Most of the plans are sprouting quite well, but my Thyme seems to be yellowing already. Water level seems fine and house is always set to 20 Celsius so im not sure what the issue is? Still have the germination dome on it as it hasnt reached the top yet.

Any help would be appreciated!

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Hi there @Ngawron

Thyme should do fine at 20C. Thyme may show yellowing when the water level is kept higher than recommended, but as you said you have that under control- just give it some time to green up. Also, I would remove the dome, as it is showing true leaves already. Keep us posted!

Hi @Mirjam, I took the dome off as recommended and it seems to be doing worse now. Starting to wilt and frail. I checked the water level and its not higher than it should be. Any tips?

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Really sorry to see it is not improving. Really difficult to say what has gone wrong, I can’t find any indication of pest damage either.
Please reach out to Click and Grow Support page and submit a request. Fault pods as such will be replaced for free.