Sweet red peppers

My sweet red pepper plant finally has two red peppers on it that im going to cut soon.
After harvesting them will my plant keep producing or should I throw the plant away?
My plant is healthy and has a lot of new leaves coming at the top but no signs of flowers. Will it flower again or should I toss it?


It will reflower once you replant it. As it has already yielded in your smart garden it has used up all the nutrients and may also need fresh soil to grow.
If you replant it, use about 1 L size pot and use good garden soil and slow-release fertilizer. Provide enough light and keep the soil moist- that is probably the challenge!

Thank you. I did replant it in organic soil and put a little miracle grow in it. It still has one pepper thats just turning red so i can’t pick it yet. There are new healthy leaves coming out the top. So do you think it will flower and produce again?
(Its still inside in a bigger pot by my CG and at a window that gets full sun for about 3 hours.)
Thank you.