White Snapdragon not flowering

From one of our customer-
The white snapdragon and holy basil planted on 5 March 2022. The plants have grown though the white snapdragon is not flowering , its almost 2 months now. Location is Mumbai India.
The light cycle is from 10AM in the morning till night 4 am .
Attaching the pictures of the Smart Garden with White Snapdragon.

Kindly let us know what must be going wrong - earlier also we have tried one refill of white snapdragons - which did not flower hence got a replacement.

Any update anyone ?


White Snapdragon grows best at 18 - 30 °C / 64 - 86 °F.
You can expect to see first flowers in about 50 days after planting. It can take a bit of time.

Afterwards, if your white Snapdragon has already finishing flowering, you may get it to re-flower. Do this by cutting the whole flower stem back and leaving just one-third of the plant to grow. Don’t just remove the flowers. New stems with flower buds will soon emerge and the plant will re-flower. On the other hand, if you’re happy with the way it is now, just remove withered flowers and enjoy it until the very end to its lasts up to date.
As Snapdragon is a tender perennial you may plant it outdoors. Just remember to cut the stems back and release root-bound so it can regrow.

Hey Thanks Joonas for clarifying many important things about White Snapdragon. We had a some great blooms in our office gallery, though one or two customers faced the problem of delays or not flowering .

Best Regards,

Manisha Tidke

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